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    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? International, Hawaii, Orlando, Prefer to stay at Marriott trades without buying Marriott TS or paying Marriott MF

    2) Do you want to visit your home resort at least half the time, or do you want to trade more than half the time? NEVER, Want highest trade with low MF

    3) What are your 5 top trade destinations? Hawaii, FL (various), Thailand, Paris, Greece, Croatia

    4) How many people do you usually travel with – total, including yourself? 4

    5) Can you travel any time, or are you locked into the school schedule? Anytime prefer spring and fall to avoid crowds

    6) Can you make firm plans 12 or more mos. in advance? Yes

    7) Can you vacation for a full week at a time? Yes

    8) What level of accommodations do you prefer on a scale of 1 to 5 stars? 4 or 5

    9) How much can you afford to spend upfront, without financing? Any

    10) How much can you afford to spend every year for a maintenance fee that will come due right after Christmas, and increase each year? Any but want to keep it low

    11) Are you a detail oriented planner? Yes

    12) Do you understand that once you buy a timeshare, it may be very difficult to sell or give away, and you are responsible for all fees, until you do? Yes

    So I have owned at Acadia Village (II trade) in Maine for more than 10 years. I have never stayed there. I have 1 every year week in August and 1 every other year in November. I pay $350 a year MF each unit. When I first bought I could trade for Atlantis, Bahamas, Newport Coast Marriott, Marriott Dessert Ridge, and just recently, Paris Disneyland Marriott, in addition, I trade 1 week each year at Marriott Harbor Lakes.

    So recently, its seems trading power has diminished and I’m looking to buy a single week with great trading power and a low MF which I can use for prime locations (HI) Hyatts, Westins, Marriotts and I’ll use the other weeks in FL.

    Any suggestions are appreciated


    That’s kind of the Holy Grail of timeshare ownerships. Not sure it truly exists. If it will pull Marriotts, but has a low MF? I get why you’d want to do that, just not sure such a place exists.

    You might consider WorldMark, and then trade through II. You can do a”request first” kind of thing, then when the Marriott or whatever trade comes in, you can give up your WM credits, or pay cash. That’s probably about the most cost-effective way to stay in a Marriott that I know of.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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