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    Eric B

    Not sure if it’s actually open, but they finally have some info on the website Anyone down there now that can report back?


    from the site: VIP Admission

    All VIP admission tickets include:

    Access to the park
    Free Wi-Fi service
    Concierge service
    $59 USD for Kids Ages 3-12
    $79 USD for Adults (12 Years and Up)
    Free for Kids Under 3


    Concierge Service??? Yes, the benefit of having having a personal contact to wreck your day at the park by pitching the benefits of timeshare ownership at Vidanta….


    Vidanta has a “hotel side “* which focuses on guest services not sales / and Vida Sales which focuses solely on TS sales .*

    The term “concierge” has not been used by their VIDA sales division .

    I would expect – the person with this role at the new water park would be in actual guest services .

    * each side has a separate management team / who do eventually report to
    top / ownership management .

    < added : Vidanta has 17,000 employees and continues to be rated as one of the
    best places to work in Mexico ( per – Great Places to Work Institute ) -all 17,000 are not there to sell you a timeshare . >


    This fee is higher than the Hurricane Harbor Water Park in Texas and the kids tickets are higher than they are at the Disney Water Parks. This water park is not as big as those. That is pretty pricey for a family already at the resort! It will cost a family of 4 about $350-$400+ when you include food and beverages for a day there.

    This can cause some issues with families who go for the beach and pools. Once the kids learn about this option they will start begging to go. I remember when the lazy river & kids area in Acapulco charged about $10 for a day there and many parents would tell their kids they could not do that. After a few years, it was available to anyone at no charge. The Acapulco MP just off the golf course has a really nice lazy river and kids water play area too – no wave pool or water slide though. No extra charge. So many people have been looking forward to just a lazy river and now it is a big expensive deal. 🙁

    I am disappointed that Mayan World is going this route. If they want to charge non-Vidanta guests, that is fine, but guests at the resort should get to use this for free or a very minimal amount. Just my opinion.


    Most fun I had as a kid was body surfing at Jones Beach – Long Island

    free ocean is still free.


    Just a point of information, here’s a short video of the kids water park at the Acapulco MP taken in January 2016…very impressive and free!

    (Unfortunately, I can’t load a MPEG-4 movie to the site :shrug:)


    Well at least Vidanta decided to honor the entertainment packages sold for Celebrate Park at Jungala as well.
    (In early June the answer was No.)
    So if you pay 1.5 times the fee for one day you get access to Jungala for 7 days.

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