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    Jordan J.

    Ricky, thanks so much for your input! My wife and I were debating about purchasing a membership, mostly to have a nice place to stay every year when we travel to Disneyland. So the fact that you’ve had a lot of trouble booking in Southern California is a deal-breaker to us.

    Have you tried booking around Anaheim since your last post? I kept telling the sales reps that I wanted to book a “mock trip” so I could see if we would even have any options for Anaheim in the summer, but they essentially said that can’t happen.

    Thanks again for your feedback!

    Lance C.

    Have you tried looking at the listings here on RedWeek? There could be some units for rent being offered. Since you have a free account that allows you to use these forums, you can peruse the listings available for rent. Just keep in mind that you would have to purchase a membership is you want to contact the owner.

    Sheila M.

    They’re pretty great. The “FREE” trip that the marketers use to get you there is ok, but there are some stipulations and restrictions on that and you have to reserve pretty far out…. but still ok. That trip is not through them though, was a totally different company that they used for it. As for the actual membership and program, NO COMPLAINTS at all. Seriously. We’ll be getting a second membership when we can afford to, to get more stars and do even more. Saves us a ton and our vacations are better. I was worried at first, but now that we’ve used it a bunch, we would have been stupid not to get it. Only writing this because a friend asked me about it and said she didn’t see anything super positive, my response was “how many great reviews do you get on a product that does what it is supposed to?” IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK THE WAY THEY SAY… since it does, there’s really nothing to say except we can go vacation more and we save a ton, so we can go a lot more . It’s helped our relationship and been pretty great. When we add a second membership we’ll start adding Europe trips, because as-is, we use up all our stars and trips just here locally & Hawaii just because we go so much more now. Again.. good program, nice people, weren’t pushy.. but I would suggest if you want to go more to get the largest program they let you.. it saves you over having to upgrade later. But don’t expect a whole lot out of the FREE trip because it’s not even through them.

    Don P.

    Everyone should do their homework before buying anything . With all the information available on the internet you should be able to make an educated decision before committing yourself to anything .

    Marvin C.

    I have had global for 3 years im very happy with the package deal that i have gotten. Way better then most timeshares everything is based on star credits for example i have 8 stars a year. If you go off season some places only cost you 1 star if it is in season it could cost you 4 stars. If you play your cards right you can go on vacation 8 times a year. It cost around 250.00 a week plusr activity fee which about 400.00 a year. Most time share companies charge well over 1000 a year for fees. I love this company if you are looking for a time share you should buy global connection.

    Lance C.

    A couple of questions here. First, is Global Connection the same as Global Travel Network (the title of this thread)? Secondly, is Global Connection a timeshare or a travel club?

    Ranger G.

    1000% scam. They lie to get you in. My wife and I joined on our honeymoon and specifically asked if they allowed pets. We bought in after being assured they did. SURPRISE…6 months later and “We have no properties that allow pets” When we called and complained, wanting a refund because we never even used it, Global told us “Hang on to your membership, it doesn’t expire and you will be able to use it when your dog dies” NO FREAKING JOKE. THEY SAID THIS. We are preparing to sue as I type this…have secured a lawyer. Scamming Newlyweds…may everyone involved with this company burn in hell.

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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