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    Christine G.

    Global Travel Network – has anyone used this? Pros and cons?

    We are considering purchasing couple stars. From your experience is it worth it. Is there any other fees (taxes, booking fees etc..)beside the $159 and the $389 annual fees?

    Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks

    Kathy D.

    im wondering how much you paid for this? they start with $18000, then $9800 and finally $5800 for the 4 star program. im also curious about the many units around the many places are there really? do you ever have a problem going when, where you want to?

    Joe F.

    why would you prefer re-sell WorldMark over Global Travel?

    Kasey M.

    How much were they asking for the membership?

    Kim B.

    No they did not ask me and my husband to sell anything. Nothing was said about selling anything, just buying in.

    Mallory W.

    Hey Ricky, I learned about Global Travel Network at their tent at a music festival last week in Winter Park, CO. I’m set up to go to their presentation in a couple weeks. What has your experience been since your last post in 2011? Would you recommend? I looked up the reviews and was discerning on which were mixed up as the same company but we’re not, but still not much I was able to find. Any info would be much appreciated!

    Ricky B.

    Well, I still use it from time to time but I find it really difficult to book locations now. Since I purchased (For example), I can not get anything southern California. When I asked why, they said that Wyndam had purchased most of the properties that used to be available to them so now the inventory is really limited. I have not been thrilled with my membership or gotten much value out of it in the past few years. In the beginning it was awesome but if i had to buy it again today, I would not. They might have changed the program since then but I doubt it. I think I can honestly say now that I have been a member for a few years that I have not recouped my membership fee. I could have gotten the same value by just booking regular hotels over the years. Sorry to disappoint you.

    Mallory W.

    And this isn’t just a Southern California thing? You’re having trouble finding properties to book all over?

    Onesimo Nez L.

    Thank you, I found your post encouraging. We too have bought, but were now having second thoughts. I have just asked for an appointment to plan our first trip with GTN and I hope to be as happy with them as you are. Thanks again for posting your experience.

    P D.

    Is this company the same as Vacation Market Network

    Lance C.

    Chances are slim that it is. But why are you asking? Do you have any sort of happenings with either of these two? Did one or the other try to scam you? Is either one trying to sell you some vacation club membership?

    Angelita S.

    I jjust had the most awful experience with Jenna (representative) and Melissa Spvr). I signed up with Global Network at the Sloans Lake Chinese Boat Festival with Shawn. He asked if I was single or married–I answered single as I am. I scheduled the appt–missed my appt–rescheduled the appt for tonight 8/3/17 @ 5:45 p.m.–Jenna going over things–do I have children (no)–no daycare needed–do I have a committed relationship–I have a boyfriend–does he live with you–No–do you share responsibilites–No we are divorced–I am single–kept insisting I had to bring my boyfriend–I asked so if I dont bring my boyfriend I cant do the offered vacation–no-you must bring him–he has to hear all the information-explained conversation uncomfortable–req Spvr–long story short–no refund–no vacation–no deal package–insisting I bring my divorced boyfriend!! Sham Sham–shame on you!!!

    Lance C.

    In these sales presentations for timeshares and vacation clubs, there are reasons why the sales people or departments insist that you bring your significant other (spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, etc.). They fear that after they have worn you down to buy their product without your SO there, your SO will be of sane mind when you go back to him/her and talk you out of it.

    Another reason is that most potential buyers will insist to the sales person that they have to talk it over with their respective SOs. The sales people must make you buy on the spot right there and then.

    Also, one of the sales people’s psychological tactics is to pit one spouse or SO against the other. Just ask a number of couples who have sat through these presentations.

    Sara M.

    You won’t have good luck with Global unless you are extremely flexible. If you want to travel there are plenty of other options. I don’t sell timeshare anymore, but will gladly answer any questions that you have. There are a lot of bully’s on Redweek so you can’t really trust whose advice to take. Global is a travel club. It’s leftover inventory which isn’t a bad thing, but if you were trying to go to certain places it would be difficult. I’ve only been a member of Redweek for a couple months and get on here every so often and am really disappointed with some of the advice.

    Rory R.

    We have bought and used a lot of Time Share and Travel packages. THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE WORST program on the planet. If its not a freaking scam, its the closest thing to it.

    TRUST ME – there are so many better values and deals – just online.

    NOT worth it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME / MONEY. They will constantly up sell you even more of their NOT A GOOD VALUE Travel stuff.

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